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Treatment Description

Treatment no.:
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Position: Pavement
Size: L1230mm x W560mm x H250mm
Damage Condition: Fragment, Scaling
Repair case: 1+5a
Specification: Epoxy adhesive (B7 = 6ml) + (Sandstone Powder = 12g)
  Injection: Polymer( P-2e =16g) + Cement (C-2 = 10g)
  Gap filling by: Polymer P-1c + Water + Cement + Sand + Metyl Cellulose
Date of start: 07 Mar 2008
Date of finish: 11 Mar 2008
Person in charge:Khieu Mony & Cheam Pross

Photographs Before/After Treatment

Photograph Before Treatment Photograph After Treatment
North face North face
South face South face
East face East face
West face West face
Top Top
Bottom Bottom
Oblique Oblique
Oblique Oblique